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Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Lee Pa Ni Korean Bra Straps

Lee Pa Ni, is a korean model and a winner of South Korea's first-ever model contest. Lee Pa Ni entered South Korea’s first-ever modeling contest in 2006 and won. As the winner, Pani traveled to the mansion in the US of A for the World Team Photo Shoot which coincided with the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.As one of Korean Hottest model, Lee Pa Ni is also known as Korean Playboy model. 

Lee Pa Ni is a sexy korean girl, with 174 cm tall and weighing 49 kg with measurements of 34-23-36, and was selected as the winner of Spice TV's  2006 Korea Model Contest

Lee Pa Ni, showed her uniqued fashion when she weared an evening dress. What a funny style she showed her black bra straps, peek out through her wear.

By The Way, how to say bra in korean language ? It is important for korean girls who want to buy bras in Korean.
Bra in Korean is 브래지어 = braziere. The first two character blocks are bra, the second the ziere. Korean’s borrow a lot of words from other languages and put them through hangul.

Korean singer and model, Lee Pa Ni, showed her black bra through her red dress
korean bra strap show

korean bra strap show

Lee Pa Ni looks like still wear the same black bra, although she changed her red dress into white gown.
lee pa ni korean bra strap show

lee pa ni korean bra strap show

Bra in Korean Language is 브래지어 = braziere.
lee pa ni korean bra strap show

Watch Korean Playboy model Lee Pa Ni 이파니 Video

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