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Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Elen Rives Revolutionary Tesco Diamond Bra

Elen Rives is a British Underwear model, and also the former fiancee of Chelsea star Frank Lampard. Now, Elen Rives has unveiled a new bra which is tipped to revolutionise women's underwear.

The british model who had gave a child for Frank Lampard in 2005, modelled the revolutionary bra that works in hundreds of ways - including strapless, criss-cross and one-shouldered.

Designed by Ultimo boss Michelle Mone, it costs £18 from branded bra Tesco's Diamond Boutique brand.

Michelle said: "It's the bra women were waiting for."

The bra which will be on sale in Tesco and has been described as the most innovative lingerie ever.

The bra comes in several parts, including two cups and a selection of straps, giving the wearer the power to create their own 'DIY style' bra.

Each cup features 24 hook positions and the back strap another 28, which is said to offer limitless ways of wearing it.

Miss Rivas last month signed up as the body of Diamond Boutique, a range of lingerie by entrepreneur and star of The Apprentice Michelle Mone which is being sold through the supermarket giant.

The bra took over 12 months to make, will be available in black and nude in sizes 32-38 A-D, and will cost just £16.

Now Elen Rives earns her and her two kids living by modelling several branded clothes. Elen Rives and her children now live in six-bedroom house that Lampard has bought for £2.85million overlooking Chelsea Harbour.

Photos of Elen Rives in Revolutionary Diamong Boutique Bra

Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rivas reveals a unique way Diamond Boutique's Limitless Bra can be worn - this style is perfect for underneath a one shoulder dress

Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Changing styles: The bra can be be worn an 'endless number of ways'

Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
In demand: The photo shoot is the second for Miss Rivas since signing up with Diamond Boutique last month

Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
One shoulder wonder: The bra, which retails for £16, features 52 hook positions

Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Elen Rives Diamond Boutique Bra
Endless possibilities: The bra can also be adapted for use under strapless or halterneck-style clothing

Watch Elen Rives and her former fiancee Frank Lampard video here

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Anjoli mengatakan...

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Being plus size used to be problematic when looking for sexy lingerie. That is no longer the case. The average size of a woman is Size 14 which is the beginning of plus sizes. The waiflike models that walk the runways in New York, Paris and Milan are not the norm. The reality is that plus size is beautiful and desirable.

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raj mengatakan...

nice sexy bra.
I remember sex… I found it to be the hottest sex ever. Nice photograph!

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